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Double Eagle Resort, June Lake Wedding | Jen & Chad

This is my first of many 2019 weddings at Double Eagle Resort in June Lake. I can definitely say that it is going to be a hard one to beat. Jen and Chad exceeded all my expectations. They were both so stress free, so happy, and so kind to both my second shooter and me. It never felt as if I could say the wrong thing. Our senses of humor went hand in hand and it allowed for so many beautiful moments to be captured.

Jen had a smile that lit up the whole room. During getting ready photos I made it my goal to capture the purity of that smile by sneaking around and waiting for that perfect moment. Chad and his groomsmen started the day off with a shot of patron and I said to myself, “I need an epic shot of that.” After he was all dressed, I proposed the idea for another “shot” shot. I was laughing because he grabbed the bottle instead pouring it into a glass. I’m grateful he did because the way the light hit the bottle was amazing!

The Double Eagle ceremony was beautiful. It was simple. Based solely off laughter and raw emotion. I see those tears in your eyes Chad!

Jen and Chad had a wedding party that complimented the two of them perfectly. The love among the group was authentic. They were easy to direct, easy to laugh with, and easy to photograph. I mean seriously, this is a good looking group of people!

We were only left with about 10 minutes for bride and groom portraits after the family and wedding party photos were done. Luckily for us, right across the street from Double Eagle is a beautiful little meadow that has glowing light that time of day. I used every spare minute we had in that spot.

“Look at the person whose hand you are holding. That person right there, statistically, is the person most likely to murder you.” (everyone bursts into laughter) That was the closing line to the best man’s speech. No one was expecting that and it was the perfect punch line to end a wonderful speech.

The two photos below during the first dance don’t need any kind of explanation. Just look at how truly happy they are in that moment.

“Can we try to get a few photos with our dogs?” Of course! I about dropped out of my computer chair when I first saw that photo of Chad holding one of the dogs. I don’t remember taking that photo because it was all happening so fast but it’s just so great.

I knew Jen had picked Double Eagle because of the landscape, and for the ability to get some awesome environmental portraits. We took a few minutes to get experimental with the light and I am extremely happy with the outcome. We were being attacked by bugs but it was worth it! I even had a mosquito get inside my shirt and go to town! I woke up the next morning with more bites than I could count!

The energy carried through the reception until the last song was played. Every guest at the wedding participated. Dancing, drinking, photobooth adventures and even some karaoke filled the room. These two guys below nailed “Ice, Ice, Baby.” They knew every single word. I just wish I would have got up there and joined. I love that song!

Thank you Jen and Chad for allowing me to capture your special day. The chemistry between you two is beautiful to see. I hope I captured your wedding in a way that, when you look back at these photos in years to come, you will be able to feel that energy again.

Thank you to Erica at Double Eagle for coordinating the event. Thank you to DJ Mark for pumping up the jam and thank you to High Sierra Photobooth for preserving some unique memories! I also can’t thank my second shooter Rikki enough for her hard work all day!

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