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Majestic Hotel Yosemite Wedding | Ted & Danni

After shooting their beach engagement photos months before, I could not wait to shoot Ted and Danni’s wedding at the Majestic Hotel in Yosemite, Ca.

Majestic Hotel Wedding Photography Half Dome

I knew going into the day that they wanted to incorporate a famous Yosemite landmark into a few photos. I was very proud to be able to deliver this portrait of the Bride and Groom with Half Dome in the background. The subtle backlight on the couple, the warm tint on the peak from the setting sun, I just love it. But I digress, let’s go back to the beginning!

Danni and her bridesmaids had begun getting their hair and makeup done in one of the suites at the Majestic Hotel. They were energized and excited, and the champagne was flowing! The Hair and Makeup artists did an amazing job. They were very efficient and left everyone glowing.

Before getting into her dress, Danni received a letter from Ted that she wanted to read and have me capture it. I love moments like this because they are so raw and real. Danni was allowing my second shooter and me to be part of a very emotional and intimate moment. Being able to capture her smiles, laughter, and tears while reading the grooms letter was wonderful.

Danni’s mom Lindsay helped her into a beautiful dress. All of the bridesmaids, dressed up and ready to go, were in aw.

It was now time to catch up with Ted. He was in another room of the Majestic Hotel preparing with his groomsmen. They had gone on a hike in Yosemite Valley before the Wedding so once they were in the room, it was all business. Ted was scheduled for a first look very soon so it was time for him to get tied up, throw on his jacket and head out to see his bride.

The first look was perfect. They were both thrilled. Ted twirled Danni around; Danni Twirled Ted around; they laughed; I laughed, It was great.

The wedding party was able to join us for some pre-ceremony photos. Everyone was looking flawless. I was truly envious of having a group of friends who all look that good.

It was time, the big moment of the day. Everyone was very excited to witness this Yosemite Valley Ceremony. With the tall sequoia trees, the bright green grass and the roaring waterfalls in the background, the ceremony could not have been more beautiful.

After wonderful vows and prayers, the newlyweds shared their first kiss and began the walk into their lives as husband and wife.

Taking photos of Ted and Danni was just too easy. They really couldn’t take a bad photo. This epic scenery and lighting just made it that much better!

Greeted by their friends and family, Ted and Danni joined the reception. The tables were decorated with flowers, candles, and champagne. Each table also had a card with a location on it because they loved to explore together.

The bride’s father started the dinner with an amazing toast. It was followed by an amazing dinner, which was followed by a short session with the couple. We were able to capture Half Dome, perhaps the most famous landmark in Yosemite, towering behind the couple in soft, evening light. Although it was already great, I added a small light behind them to separate them from the trees.

Non-stop energy continued onto the dance floor. The couple shared their first dance as their peers cheered from around the dance floor.

The last dance was one of my favorite parts of the day. I had never seen this before. For Ted and Danni’s last dance, they had cleared everyone out of the building so they could share this moment with only themselves. I had gotten a few shots of the dance from inside, but I wanted something different. I wanted to show that it was just them. I wanted the moment to be between them. I needed the photo to show this story. I stepped outside onto the patio and was able to capture a beautiful image of them through the doorway.

After the last dance, we added a last-minute exit from the wedding. It worked perfect, and it was a great way to end the wedding.

Thank you, Ted and Danni, and thank you to both of your families. I still cannot get over how awesome you all are.


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